The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust

Our thrust is to drive communities towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

The organisation endeavours to ensure that all projects that it undertakes supersedes the funding period and below. The model is hinged on the vision of creating a self-sustained organisation especially on administrative expenditures. Externally we are deploying the developmental model where our beneficiaries continue to benefit the project funding period.  Our programmes must be able to continue beyond the funding period thus our project design is rigorous and inclusive of the target groups who are ultimate key change makers. Our organisational approach for sustainability is focused on the environmental, social and

Where we operate


The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust in partnership with Zimplats and other stakeholders distributed sunscreen lotions to 12231 people with albinism since 2020

Since 2020 we have assisted 67 people with albinism fighting skin cancer

In partnership with the National University of Science and Technology and Open Society Foundations is working on sunscreen development project meant to argument the challenges that people with albinism are facing to access sunscreen lotions in Zimbabwe. The product will be out in 2024 and it will ease sunscreen lotion challenges.

The organization managed to build a continuous skin cancer database, which is being, used to record, track skin cancer cases across the country for research and management purposes.

The organization is producing reusable sanitary pads for marginalized young girls and women in the rural areas