The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust

Our corporate governance

The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust is a youth based non-profit organization whose mandate is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized young people, women and persons with albinism in Zimbabwe by promoting access, equity and equality. Our key thematic key result areas are Health, Education, Empowerment, Advocacy and Climate Change. Since 2020 the organization has impacted over 5000 livelihoods of people with albinism and young girls across the country. The organization was registered as a Trust in August 2020 with a 9 member Executive Board of experts and professionals from different walks of life.


About The Noble Hands Zimbabwe

Our Mission

To create sustainable livelihoods for marginalised youths, women and persons with albinism in Zimbabwe. .

Our vision

To improve the livelihoods of marginalised young people, women and persons with albinism in Zimbabwe through access to equitable healthcare, education, employment and advocacy against a background of socioeconomic challenges, social injustices, exclusion, inequalities and climate change

Our Values

To us professionalism is a culture that we religiously nurture to satisfy the needs of our beneficiaries and benefactors. To achieve our vision we believe in promoting inclusion of beneficiaries as part of the change makers. Our model of handling our work and activities are hinged on professionalism. TNHZT as a professional organisation we believe integrity is foundational for us to be able to deliver on our mandate and maintaining the good standing of TNHZT. As a non-profit organisation we operate on donor funding therefore we have to be accountable to both our beneficiaries , ourselves and our benefactors transparently.

We take the work we do seriously and we do so by nurturing a culture of






The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust key competencies are in the following areas:

Creative Arts

People with disabilities are often excluded in developmental issues of the community due to involuntary barriers, stigma, discrimination and systemic segregation. Our action harnesses their God given talents in arts to make artistic content and exploring their talents to actualise and monetise them. Currently the organisation has nurtured diverse young people with albinism, disability and without disability to form a music and arts project, a vehicle they use to advocate for human rights, social issues and other topical issues affecting the communities to raise awareness. The goal of the initiative is to end stigma, discrimination, stereotyping to cause inclusion, positive behavioural and attitude change. In 2023 the music outfit released its first debut musical project dubbed “One People” which is themed to signify that people with disabilities, albinism and different have a place in the society and we are proud that the project was nominated on the 2023 Bulawayo Arts Awards under the “Best New Comer” category.

Social Mobilization and Institutional Capacity Building.

The organisation seamlessly operate and implements its activities in collaboration with communities, corporates and key stakeholders to ensure that even the beneficiaries become the solution bearers. We build and groom our staff, peer organisations key structural, structural systems and individual key competencies as a standard of good practice. We also train young graduate trainees to improve their key professional and skills competencies through internships, post graduate trainings and volunteering

Health Programming

The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust is focused on ensuring that all persons with albinism in Zimbabwe have access to decent, dignified livelihoods and wellbeing as guaranteed in the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the African Union Action Plan on Albinism through promoting access to skin care needs, eye care, skin cancer screening and management services. The organisation also works towards ensuring that marginalised young people and women in the communities of Zimbabwe have access to SRHR, HIV &AIDS education. We are also on a mission to end period poverty by ensuring that marginalised young girls and women have access to safe and sustainable reusable sanitary wear to ensure that they live dignified livelihoods in their communities.

Inclusive education

We believe access to education is an inalienable human right and the only bridge to emancipate marginalised young people, women and persons with albinism from poverty. Our action is hinged on promotion positive education ecosystems in schools for children with albinism to improve literacy and pass rate. We are also on a mission to ensure that marginalised young people and women have access to skills development programmes to improve their socio-economic statuses and promote access to developmental opportunities

Strategic Planning and Policy

Our activities and programmes are governed by policies and strategic frameworks designed to promote professionalism, integrity, accountability, transparency and positive participatory work environments for our staff and beneficiaries. - See our 2020-2030 Strategic Plan - Gender Policy - Child Protection Policy - Financial Policy - Human Resources Management policy - Data Protection and Information Policy

Business Training for Employment Opportunities

The organisation is impacting the livelihoods of marginalised young people, women and persons with albinism through training in skills such as sewing, broiler production, ICT and arts. As part of the promoting financial literacy we also offer entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business management training opportunities for our target groups.

Gender mainstreaming

We are strong believers of gender equality, equity and inclusion. The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trusts has a deliberate policy to advance women participation at all levels. We are achieving this by ensuring that women are included and mainstreamed in all positions of leadership of the organisation. Currently our proportion of male to female aggregation stands at 4 women: 1 man. Our mission is to foster integration of a gender perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, regulatory measures and spending programmes, with a view to promoting equality between women and men, and combating discrimination, exclusion and systematic segregation.

Environment Mainstreaming through promoting adoption of climate-smart income generation activities, use of renewable energy and agro-ecological practices.

Protection and conservation of the environment is key to the future therefore our thrust is to ensure that marginalised communities rise up to protect and conserve their local environments and ecosystems. Our action is against irresponsible artisanal mining, deforestation and dumping of non-decomposing garbage in communities which is affecting the environment. To achieve this we continue to strategically communities and stakeholders including government to come up with environment-just laws and encourage all community stakeholders to adopt. Climate change demands each and every one of us to act within our space to protect the future, play a part.

Humanitarian Assistance in disaster risk areas

Our key focus is the well-being of marginalized groups in cases of disaster. We thrive to offer immediate needs, evacuation, shelter, water and food. Psychosocial support during disasters is critical therefore our team of social workers and psychologists go into affected areas offering support. Our approach is providing immediate humanitarian assistance the short-term, focusing on immediate relief and facilitating the early return to normal lives and livelihoods.

Local Partnerships/Stakeholder Engagement:

The organization also pursues the existing bilateral coordination and implementation structure among government stakeholders to ensure an integrated project delivery approach is aligned with the government’s priorities as well as realization of synergies across the components of projects.