The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust

1. National University of Science & Technology

The Noble Hands Zimbabwe Trust is partnering with the National University of Science and Technology and the Open Society Foundations on a research and development project of sunscreen lotion ointment for people with albinism in Zimbabwe and the Sub-Saharan region. The project is designed to mitigate the unfolding impacts of the ever increasing Ultraviolet   A/B &C sunrays on people with albinism.


2. Zimplats

The organisation is also in partnership with Zimplats, which is providing sunscreen lotions for distribution to persons with albinism across Zimbabwe.


3. Hand In Hand Zimbabwe

We are in a 2 year partnership with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe focussed on promoting self-help projects for our target groups to improve livelihoods and financial independence.

4. Megafest Zimbabwe

We are now a member of the Megafest corporate network since 2023